Friday, July 2, 2010

Homemade Pizza Pockets

Using the bread recipe below, I make pizza pockets (you can  use Texas Roadhouse Rolls instead of the bread recipe if you want).  I fourth the bread recipe for this and it will make 4 - 5 large pizza pockets.  Here is the fourthed recipe:

Dough Ingredients:
2 5/8 cups bread flour
1/8 cup sugar
1/4 Tbs salt
3/4 Tbs yeast
3/4 Tbs lecithin
1 cup hot water

You'll want to spray your counter with pam as well as your hands so the dough doesn't stick.  Break the dough into little balls and flatten them out into a circle.  On one half of the dough put your pizza toppings - except for the sauce. Fold over the  dough and seal it well.  Bake at 450 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes.

 Top the pizza pocket with garlic butter.  To make the garlic butter, combine melted butter, garlic powder, italian seasoning, parmesan cheese, and seasoning salt.

Serve with heated pizza sauce.

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  1. Hey great idea!!
    I'm planning a trip and my plan is to stay in short term apartments, and this homemade pizza pocket may be very usefull for me there
    thanks for sharing ;)