Friday, February 13, 2009

Cake Bites

Cake mix (and everything you need for the cake--oil, eggs, and water)
A tub of frosting
Chocolate chips
Crisco (shortening)
Something to set-up the balls on

To make the cake bites, bake a cake just like you normally would.  After it is done baking, crumble the cake and mix it with a whole thing of frosting.  This will make it sticky, and you can roll it into balls.  You have to squeeze them to make them stick--you will get nice and messy!!

In the mean time, melt a bag of chocolate chips.  The best way that I have found to do this is to fake a double boiler by putting a glass bowl hanging from a pot.  Put water into the pan and put the bowl on top of the water.  As the water boils underneath, stir the chocolate chips (they are in the glass bowl).  (The consistency of the chocolate will be better if you put a scoop of Crisco in it.)  After the chocolate is melted, roll the cake balls in it and place them on wax paper on a tray.  After you have a whole tray, put the tray in the refrigerator to set-up.  

You can use any combinations of cake mixes, frostings, and chocolate.  Here are some favorites that my friend and I have discovered:  

  • Just so you know--she prefers semi-sweet chocolate, and I like milk chocolate, so that just goes to how sweet you want it.
  • Funfetti cake, Rainbow chip icing, chocolate
  • German chocolate cake, coconut icing, chocolate
  • Strawberry cake, strawberry icing, white chocolate (but just know that white chocolate reacts a little differently than the others, so it can be tricky)
Let me know if you find any other amazing combinations!!  =)

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